Saturday, July 21, 2018

Seems CNNFAN.ORG is down again.

This post is for friendly discussion, which will be removed eventually when CNNFAN.ORG comes back up.  No offense is intended, suggested or implied.

Join the original forum at the link here. Everyone is welcome. to discuss why the largest CNNFAN.ORG forum has been down.  Perhaps some proprietary forum package is obsolete, or no longer updates drivers or is expensive to do it? Maybe CNNFAN.ORG should consider going back to an open source forum like PHP Fusion. has custom registration.  This means it is not automatic. Registration is by hand by a person using email. It helps keep spam attacks from overwhelming the fan site. Once you get hand picked, you can sign in to update your temporary password.  

Please note:  Some of the original CNNfan member names have been reserved.  CNNfan members who joined 14 years ago can reserve their names.  New members should kindly keep that in mind when choosing a member name.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

CNNfan Fourteenth Anniversary

For Real CNN fans 

Celebrating our Fourteenth Anniversary on 1/4/18.

The CNNfan forum is: here with the classic theme in the original format.

The phpBB forum software is the new version, courtesy of Alter Vista.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

CNNfan for real CNN fans. The Longest Running Fansite in News. The original landmark fansite and classic community. Google to see for yourself that Aaron Brown, Wolf Blitzer, Judy Woodruff, Jonathan Klein and other beloved CNN personalities have all given exclusive interviews to

CNNfan Membership is FREE, Fun and Easy! If you need any assistance, please visit We will be happy to exceed your expectations.

Thank you.